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Best Forum solution for Buddypress [bbpress alternative]

Have you troubled with bbpress forum? Actually WordPress is an wonderful platform for blogging, since their another product Buddypress also rocking with it,But going for bbpress, it really make users very irritate, But in...

Alligations – Test your level 0

Alligations – Test your level

Here you have a set of questions in Alligations, these are purely alligations and mixtures, ratios proportions may overlap. All the best… ūüôā [hexam id=2 hexam]


Facebook got the Rank #1 in Alexa and Kick backed Google

On [11-09-2012] Facebook Reached the Rank #1 in Alexa, From this days Google had the rank #1 and it always be, But Facebook suddenly got the rank of number one and kick backed the...


What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 15 Desktop [Download]

Firefox released their new update 15.0, As usual they fixed a lot of bugs according to users complaint, Improved more stability, Faster performance and lot, But don’t expect in appearance, It looks like as...


Microsoft Removes its Sidebar Gadgets from its all Operating System

Microsoft Officially announced hereafter the sidebar is not available for windows vista and windows 7 , Due to the vulnerable, It has been officially stopped by Microsoft, Where it has been not available from Microsoft pages, Because it closes their Gadget...


How to find what version of Java i have ?

Java is the World mostly widely used programming environment, Everything is Java now,Then Internet is not an exceptional, For security reasons or more services, the Java runtime  for browser is been required, but how you know...