How to make WordPress site Mobile friendly

Nowadays mobile browsing is increasing in massive numbers and counting on, where optimizing website for Mobile phones is essential for blogs and website,By optimizing website for mobile , The page is simple and lower in size , it can be a lite version for website with less scripts, images and designs. So let we see how to make WordPress site mobile friendly

In this tutorial am going to give a tip to make your site mobile friendly by easy steps, no need to do a manual step, coding and configuration, Also you can use a mobile adsense code, so why waiting for it, let go ahead

wordpress mobile site tutorial

Steps to Instal WordPress Mobile pack :

  • Login to your self hosted WordPress dashboard,
  • Point to Plugins –> Add new  , make a search WordPress Mobile Pack
  • Now Install WordPress Mobile Pack
  • After get installed, Switch to Mobile Switcher.
  • Customize the settings, If you have a doubt, Clarify them using support.

Features :

  • This plugin also comes with inbuilt template for mobile,
  • It automatically detects the mobile browsers and make your site that easily viewable to mobile browsers,
  • It loads the site faster and lite version of your site,
  • It also add a QR code for your current page link in desktop version,
  • Allows you to add Mobile advertisement codes,
  • Also allow you to track your mobile view by Google analytics code, and more


i hope this will help full to make your site mobile friendly,

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  1. Ravi @Technology Blog says:

    I use WP touch Pro and I have developed an Android App which proves very great to drive Mobile Traffic. Thanks for the post

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