Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA)

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Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA) Engineering College Notes For Download, Here Five units of notes has been split and Available for download, If your syllabus have been matched for this following syllabus, You can surely use as it is, Or use this notes as much you can retrieve data from it, πŸ˜‰Β  You can download it for free here, No Registration Required, πŸ˜€

Algorithms: Definitions and notations: standard notations – asymptotic notations – worst case, best case and average case analysis; big oh, small oh, omega and theta notations; Recursive algorithms, analysis of non-recursive and recursive algorithms, solving recurrence equations, analyzing control structures.
Analysis of Sorting and Searching: Heap, shell, radix, insertion, selection and bubble sort, sequential, binary and Fibonacci search.

Download Unit 1

Divide and Conquer Method: General Method – binary search – finding maximum and minimum merge sort and quick sort – Strassen’s Matrix multiplication.
Greedy Method: General method – knapsack problem – minimum spanning tree algorithms single source shortest path algorithm scheduling, optimal storage on tapes, optimal merge patterns.

Download Unit 2Dynamic Programming: General method – multi-stage graphs – all pair shortest path algorithm – 0/1 Knapsack and Traveling salesman problem – chained matrix multiplication – approaches using recursion – memory functions.
Basic Search and Traversal technique: Techniques for binary trees and graphs – AND/OR graphs – biconnected components – topological sorting.

Download Unit 3
Backtracking: The general method – 8-queens problem – sum of subsets – graph coloring – Hamiltonian cycle – Knapsack problem.

Download Unit 4Branch and Bound Method: Least Cost (LC) search – the 15-puzzle problem – control abstractions for LC-Search – Bounding – FIFO Branch-and-Bound – 0/1 Knapsack problem – traveling salesman problem. Introduction to NP-Hard and NP-Completeness.

Download Unit 5

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