Image Gallery / Hosting Website Project using PHP

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In this tutorial , We are going to build a simple Image Gallery website using PHP , This package helps you to upload your own picture and view that uploaded picture.

basic image gallery using php


Tutorial Details:

  • Technology       : php, HTML
  • Difficulty           : Easy
  • Estimated time: 15 minutes

Source Files:

Download Image Gallery

Note: Please refer Read Me.txt File,

After Download, Extract the zip file, After the Extraction Please Place this files on your server or may your local system server root,

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This image gallery is been created using creative common license, it is free to use ,

Reference sites and contents used from:


This package simply contain few HTML pages, php, swf, js, css files and a single configurable xml file,

Html Pages,

  • Index.html :  This index file is used as a Home page,
  • Index2.html  :  Gallery page which integrated with a flash swf object and its supporting xml and js files,
  • upload,html  :  upload page which having a form for uploading a image and redirecting to upload_file.php,
  • sample.html  :  sample page use as a dummy content for future use, you can edit this with your own content,

PHP files,

  • upload_file.php :  This file originally refereed from w3schools, this php function and operation is neatly explained on w3schools website,Also i can explain here if you want more explanation means.
  • flashgallery.php  :  supporting file for flash gallery,

CSS file,

  • style.css :  Supporting CSS file for HTML,

JS file,

  • swfobject.js  :  Supporting java script file for swf object,

SWF file,

  • flashgallery.swf  :  Flash gallery object which is going to display uploaded images in slideshow, precompiled,

XML file,

  • default.xml  :  Configuration xml file for swf object, you can configure as you desired, Refer :,


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