How to Add Floating Feedback Button on Blog

Feedback from customer is an important thing to develop our business, If your blog visitors complaint or suggestion makes more useful to develop your blog, Here the Visitor Feedback is Important,Placing e-mail address is bad thing for feedback on site’s.. because it make more spam mail on your inbox , Also that feedback also reach us easier, so the feedback field is easier to customer, because no one want to go ‘contact me‘ page to give their feedback,

So let see for a New trick to put a feedback button which floats when the page also scroll,

Step to install:

  • Open, Now log-in with your own account,
  • Select Design-> Page elements -> Add gadget,
  • Select HTML/JavaScript type. (Position of the widget is NOT important , it may on anywhere)
  • Paste the following code

<a style=”display:scroll;position:fixed; center:5px; right:5px;” href=”[email protected]” title=”Feedback Please”><img src=”” /></a>

  • Replace the red color text with your link “Contact page” link or mail address (like this mailto:[email protected] )
  • Now save the widget, that’s all. now Reload your blog, yes, now you see a cool floating tool,

also try these buttons also




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