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Check your site from various location by ping tool

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I think your website is working fine for you, But how about others ? Is your site working for all ? Anyhow, you also see a information that your site is also viewed from various location by using Google analytics or any other stat tool, But how check that your site is working from various location,

Here there is a way to check your site by pinging, You can check your site from various location by ping tool that avail free from internet,this ping tool that check across 60 various places from this world , Here it also makes and acknowledgment to you,

check your site various place by ping

By using this tool, You can see visible report for your website, For checking about this tool, you need to use this website,

This site helps you to check your website from 60 places, Where it also generate the speed rate, response time, Ping-back time, IP addresses, If your site is not accessible from those places means, it generate a packet loss rate with alert, Since your site is available from various places means, it shows the message okay, If you hosted your site in well known famous hosting company means, it surely available on all location, most probably it makes a connection test as pass, Some times you site can have a very bad result, Most of the place has not access your site’s, Because most of the hosting providers blocks most places for spamming and attacks, since our site can losses some traffic,

What ever it is, Checkout your site with this pinging tool, and know the result, for worst resulted people, i suggest to use Coludflare , this cloud flare makes your site has been avail from most place, and also makes a lightning fast to your site, Anyways i suggest you to use a good hosting provider like Hostgator or GoDaddy,

i hope this ping tool is helpful to you,


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