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What’s important and why i have to buy a domain name for Blogger

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Hello Bloggers, Are you struggling with new Google Blogger TLD services, i know your answer is yes, These all changes where made by Google to bring up the censorship around the all countries, to meet their law and rights, Where serving pages should be simpler to Google, But they never thinked about Blogger, 🙁

Because Domain name is very important to address your blog, Also it plays a vital role in Backlinks, Where ranking sites ranks website according to the domain popularity, In case to blogger users, their blogs should not withstand to compete ranking criteria, when we use blogger service means it surely have this Domain redirection 302 problem,

Actually Google sees for to respect country  TLD to filter about the rules, where these makes the SEO to very Bad condition,

Problems still using blogger domain :

  • Google Pagerank will loss,
  • Alexa rank surely go down on their ranking list,
  • All valuable backlinks surely get wasted,
  • Site Interlinking should be useless when Seems under SEO,
  • Slightly making confuse to visitors for different URL,
  • Not a attracting domain name with blogspot* as subdomain,


Switch to paid domain and park to fit :

To eliminate the above problems, We have to spent little much time for this new domain, because new domain is been configured with blogger panel and it is easy job, The advantage in Blogger is, Blogger backend is been developed and maintained by Google, Where it should performing faster, There is no worry about Disk space, CPU Usage, Bandwidth, Hacking problem,

this domain name should be unique and attractive, where this domain name should maintain the more , You can use it as a for Google pageranks, Alexa ranks, and backlinks,


You may bought domain from ,, and much more, just google it, 🙂  where it avail for RS. 99/- yr   onwards,



, is a computer science graduate. He is interested in sharing the system tweaking ,Web-designing, SEO and tips to use your system fetching you utmost use. Happy tweaking! :D

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  1. inkjet

    Having a best keyword domain name increase our raking. its really true and looks authentic tips you shared above. thanks for this valuable tips.

  2. Badhrinath

    That was very usefull. I too suggest ma friends to buy a domain………

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