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How to change template / themes in Blogger

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Welcome Blogger, You surely a newbie i thing since you landed here, Now Let we see how to Instal a New Blogger template in Blogger, While choosing a Blogger Template, It should Clear, Concise and SEO friendly, If the Blogger template is in white color, You content should high, these are all small hints, 😉

Steps To Instal New Blogger templates :

  • Login to your Blogger account,
  • Point to your Blog menu and select Template,
  • After Getting a Template Page, Click on Backup / Restore which you can find at the right top corner, (below your username, )
  • Please Hit Download full template. Note :- Making backup is more useful before changing Blogger template,
  • After Backup, Browse your new Template file and hit Upload, ( it should probably in .xml file )
  • Thats of, Everything now better to look, Now Refresh your blogger page to view the new updated blog home page, 🙂

If you not have a Blogger Template, Dont worry. Just take a look on, It is a awesome collection for blogger templates for free,

If you Trying to edit that template means, Make sure that you have a recent copy of Template backup,

If you want to learn more about blogging tips and tricks, Refer Blogging guide from Tips Inside, 🙂

i hope this should be helpful,


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