You are currently viewing Gmail new features – chat style Compose box for instant mail

Gmail new features – chat style Compose box for instant mail

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Gmail Introduced adding a new features security and more on their mail services, By making faster and simple access, Gmail new feature instant compose,Gmail simplified the compose mail like a chat box, Using this we can send mail instantly without  spending our valuable time,

We can also switch to standard compose page also, i.e: the normal compose page that used for comfortable mail composing, Even Google makes the compose section is easier than ever,

Everyone has got this feature by just hitting a compose button simply, to get this, you need just have a Gmail account, Now every gmail account holders can automatically got this function,

In very first time, You hitting the compose button, You have an instruction to got this feature for this, Also gmail simply tuts you with simple lines,

smaller compose box in gmail preview

After getting the points from it, You can proceed by hitting get it button, After you can use compose mail as like a chat box, you easily add recipients, subject, attachment, also manage some more things with this small box,

small and fast compose box like chat box in gmail

This simple box making the mail experience very simpler,faster and easier, If you feel this are uncomfortable means, you can easily switch to older compose section,

Since gmail gives the feature for using them old standard compose mail page, To use those standard composing unit, Use drop down menu in right footer corner, Use switch back to old compose,

switch back to old compose in gmail

Happy mailing, Is there any problem you facing 🙁 , Just comment below, i give you the solution 🙂


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    Loved the improvement.. but i think is much better.. good post!

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