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What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 15 Desktop [Download]

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Firefox released their new update 15.0, As usual they fixed a lot of bugs according to users complaint, Improved more stability, Faster performance and lot, But don’t expect in appearance, It looks like as even to 14.0.1 😉 , Even it pickup fastly, Let we scroll to more description about this Browser

New in Firefox 15 :


  • Fixed more bugs in new improved Firefox 15.
  • Fixed several security issues.
  • Fixed the slower start up due to unnecessary add-on, Firefox explained their memory leak issues that face through addons.
  • Now Firefox Also run in less memory also, Actually Firefox uses plugin-container.exe to prevent crash,
  • Another awesome thing is, Firefox is now better to handle the high performance (in web) gaming, Let try with Bananabread action game,
  • And lot of new actions added for speeder action such as garbage collection with high efficiency,


To update Firefox, goto Menu -> Help -> About Firefox -> hit update,

Or else you can download it from Mozilla



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