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How to Know Malicious Link Before Clicking it in Search Engines

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Nowadays the browsing get worse and irritating with most malicious program,Scripts and advertisement, Also we don’t know what type of website is that, Probably we make searches through Google, Yahoo, Bing, Where these are plays a vital role, Since these search engine also filters a good safer result for their visitors, But sometimes they fail, Because the malicious website only concentrate on SEO, To bring the customers from Search Engines,So we have to get alert from this using a browser plugin


Let we Discuss About How to Protect your surfing on Internet, You have a question like below means your reached a right place,

How i get safer with Internet, at the same time i want a advice from others,and also am new to web,

It is very simple, For that you have to instal a Web of Trust, small plugin on your favorite browser, You can Download from MyWOT Website. It available for all major Webbrowsers,

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox.
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera.
  • Safari

After Installation you have to register for it, After you can Score the website about their Trustfulness, Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety,

Here you can get a advice from others, And surely advice others, It Shows only a genuine votes and not making wrong vote for money, Because every votes from casual visitors only, If the site safety is very Dangerous means, It hides the page content and makes warning to you, You can close the page or you can also allowed to ignore that,

You still not have this tool, Download it and feel it, Surely you recommend it for others,

It available for multi platform, Download it from below,

Have a happy and Safer Browsing, 😉


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