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Why Ethics and Morality of Internet Communication Technologies Cannot Be Disregarded

Internet service providers enable internet users to communicate worldwide. Ethics has always been a sensitive issue no matter which perspective we see it from. In terms of internet communication technologies, it plays a significant role and its presence cannot be disregarded. Since using the internet is an important part of our lives, ethics comes in when we communicate with others.

Maintaining privacy is one of the most essential parts of being ethical while using internet communication technologies. It includes collecting, storing, using, or spreading information. If somebody spreads someone else’s information without permission, then it is termed an unethical practice.Using technology for internet communications can be challenging for internet users.

Although internet service providers give them the internet connection through which people can communicate, some people worry that if they use social networking sites, they will risk their privacy from being violated. However, IT professionals have made advancements regarding this. Since there are many privacy options available for the users of such social networking sites, they are safe. But still, there are many people who have no concern for ethical values and they can easily hack any user’s account.
There is a strong connection between computer technology and the ethical issues arising from this technology. Before we can understand this connection, it is more appropriate to understand the link between a human being and the technology so that we can understand its ethical perspective in a better way.
Technology is entirely dependent on humans because we are the ones who contribute in its emergence.

However, we come across many situations in which our control over technology is very little. This is because we are responsible to use it in the right way whenever we have to develop new products. In terms of developing technological products or services, professionals neglect the fact that they also have to keep in mind privacy, safety, and reliability of internet users’ information.
In order to do this, the code of ethics have a very important role to play. It helps IT professionals in ensuring that users’ privacy is being protected. Furthermore, the actions of IT professionals should be linked with ethics. This is because they can turn easy movements into complicated actions through technology. Actions can vary from those that could be done in earlier days.

While designing technological products or services, computer professionals also need to consider their professional ethics just like doctors and lawyers consider ethics in their professions. It can be a possibility that negligence in ethics can result in bigger and more serious ethical issues in the world of technology.
After all, the relationship between an IT professional and others should be ethical. In this regard, others include clients, customers, employer, co-workers, and the remaining people who will be affected by the technological product or service made available by the professional. If their relationship is ethical, it will mean that the usage of that product or service is equally ethical.
Such professionals are faced with many ethical situations on a daily basis in which they have to make ethical decisions. For this reason, they have to consider their ethical values.
What makes the ethics of internet communications technology so significant is the fact that there is definitely an uncertainty that lies under the profession dealing with technology. For instance, if computer professionals act unethically in serving internet users, it will obviously compromise their privacy. This way, they will have difficulty in terms of protecting themselves.
This is why IT professionals need to act ethically in their professions so that the customers can remain protected if they have to use their products or services. Since the ethical issues while using internet technology are so frequent, adequate guidelines have been made for computer professionals so that they can work ethically. It is added to the social contract theory.
Apart from this, there are always other options available to secure your privacy properly. Most of the people from general public are not aware of privacy initiatives. In order to spread awareness, the IT industry should look into the matter seriously. After all, privacy has been important from the perspective of many professionals because it actually protects you and others cannot judge you through fake information that is publicly displayed.

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