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Embedded Systems jots for you. Here we go with a set of some notes that are essential for scoring in your tests. You have been delivered a categorized content so you can download anything of your choice.

Introduction to Embedded System: Components of Embedded System – Classification – Characteristic of embedded system- Microprocessors & Micro controllers- Introduction to embedded processors – Embedded software architectures: Simple control loop – Interrupt controlled system – Cooperative multitasking – Preemptive multitasking or multi-threading – Micro kernels and exokernels – Monolithic kernels – Exotic custom operating systems.

Embedded Hardware Architecture – 32 Bit Microcontrollers: ARM 2 TDMI core based 32 Bit microcontrollers and family of processors, Register, Memory and Data transfer, Arithmetic and Logic instructions, Assembly Language, I/O operations interrupt structure, ARM cache. ARM Bus, Embedded systems with ARM. Networks for Embedded systems: Serial bus protocols: The CAN bus, and the USB bus, Parallel bus protocols: The PCI Bus and GPIB bus.

Software Development: Embedded Programming in C and C++ – Source Code Engineering Tools for Embedded C/C++ – Program Modeling Concepts in Single and Multiprocessor Systems – Software Development Process – Software Engineering Practices in the Embedded Software Development – Hardware / Software Co-design in an Embedded System.

Real Time Operating Systems: Tasking Models, Task States, Services and Transitions – Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms: Round-Robin, FIFO, Priority-Based Preemptive Scheduling – Rate-Monotonic Scheduling – Priority Inversion and Priority Ceiling – Deadlocks – Process Synchronization – IPC – Shared Memory, Memory Locking, Memory Allocation – Signals – Semaphore Flag or mutex as Resource key – Message Queues – Mailboxes – Pipes – Virtual Sockets.

Study of Micro C/OS-II or Vx Works: RTOS System Level Functions – Task Service Functions – Time Delay Functions – Memory Allocation Related Functions – Semaphore Related Functions – Mailbox Related Functions – Queue Related Functions – Case Studies of Programming with RTOS.


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