HCL Campus Placement Paper Pattern For Aptitude – Part 2

Welcome to Second part of HCL Aptitude paper pattern, We already discuss about HCL Apti question with answer in Part 1, Let now we discuss about the part 2 Solved questions,

Here you can refer some of the HCL aptitude questions which is used by them in Interview, ( PART 2)

Paper : HCL Campus Placement Paper Pattern,

Aptitude Questions


Please Also Refer the first part ( questions 1-25 )


26. Every day a cyclist meets a car at the station. The road is
straight and both are traveling in the same direction. The cyclist
travels with a speed of 12 mph.One day the cyclist comes late by 20
min. and meets the car 5miles before the Station. What is the speed of
the car?
Ans: 60 mph
[Very similar to Shakuntala Devi puzzles to puzzle you problem no: 38 ]
27.A lady goes for shopping. She bought some shoestrings. 4 times the
number of shoestrings, she bought pins and 8 times, handkerchiefs. She
paid each item with their count as each piece’s cost. She totally
spent Rs. 3.24.How many handkerchiefs did she buy? (repeated from
previous papers)

28. Complete the series :
a) 3,6,13,26,33,66,____(repeated from previous papers)
b) 364,361,19,16,4,1,___( ” ” ” )
Ans : a) 63
b) 1

29. Lucia is a wonderful grandmother. Her age is between 50 and
70.Each of her sons have as many sons as they have brothers. Their
combined number gives Lucia?s age. What is the age?
Ans: 64

30.There are two towers A and B. Their heights are 200ft and 150ft
respectively and the foot of the towers are 250ft apart. Two birds on
top of each tower fly down with the same speed and meet at the same
instant on the ground to pick a grain. What is the distance between
the foot of tower A and the grain?

31. Grass in lawn grows equally thick and in a uniform rate. It takes
40 days for 40 cows and 60 days for 30 cows to eat the whole of the
grass. How many days does it take for 20 cows to do the same?
Ans: 120

32. Four tourists A,B,C,D and four languages English, German, French
and Italian. They are not able to converse among themselves in one
language. Though A does not know English he can act as an interpreter
between B and C. No one spoke both French and German. A knows German
and was able to converse with D
who doesn’t know a word in German. Only one language was spoken by
more than two persons. Each spoke two languages. Find who spoke what.
Ans : A- German, Italian
B- French, Italian
c- German, English
D- Italian, English

33. There is a five digit number. It has two prime digits (1 is not a
prime number). Third digit is the highest. Second digit is the lowest.
First digit is one less
than the third digit. The fifth digit is half of the fourth. The sum
of 4th and 5th is less than the first. Find the number.
Ans ? 71842

34. Four persons A, B, C and D are playing cards. Each person has one
card, laid down on the table below him, which has two different colors
on either side.
No card has the same color on both sides. The colors visible on the
table are Red, Green, Red and Blue respectively. They see the color on
the reverse side and give the following comment.
A: Yellow or Green
B: Neither Blue nor Green
C: Blue or Yellow
D: Blue or Yellow

Given that out of the 4 people 2 always lie find out the colours on
the cards each person.
Ans: A- Yellow
        B- Yellow
        C- Green
        D- Red

35. A 1 k.m. long wire is held by n poles. If one pole is removed, the
length of the gap becomes 12/3m. What is the number of poles

36. Find the digits X,Y,Z
Y Y Y Y +
Ans: X Y Z
9 1 8

37. A man starts walking at 3 pm . ha walks at a speed of 4 km/hr on
level ground and at a speed of 3 km/hr on uphill , 6 km/hr downhill
and then 4 km/hr on level ground to reach home at 9 pm. What is the
distance covered on one way?

38. A grandma has many sons; each son has as many sons as his
brothers. What is her age if it’s the product of the no: of her sons
and grandsons plus no: of her sons? (age b/w 70 and 100).
Ans: 81

39. An electric wire runs for 1 km b/w some no: of poles. If one pole
is removed the distance b/w each pole increases by 1 2/6 (mixed
fraction). How many poles were there initially?
40. There is a church tower 150 feet tall and another catholic tower
at a distance of 350 feet from it which is 200 feet tall. There is one
each bird sitting on top of both the towers. They fly at a constant
speed and time to reach a grain in b/w the towers at the same time. At
what distance from the church is the grain?
Ans: 90

41. A person wants to meet a lawyer and as that lawyer is busy he asks
him to come three days after the before day of the day after tomorrow?
on which day the lawyer asks the person to come?
Ans: Thursday

42. A person is 80 years old in 490 and only 70 years old in 500 in
which year is he born?
Ans: 470

43.A person says that their speed while going to a city was 10mph
however while returning as there is no much traffic they came with a
speed of 15mph. what is their average speed?
Ans: 12mph

45. There is a peculiar island where a man always tells truth and a
women never says two 2 consecutive truth or false statements that is
if she says truth statement then she says false statement next and
vice versa. A boy and girl also goes in the same way. one day i asked
a child ” what r u a boy or a girl” however the child replied in their
language that i dint understand but the parents knew my language and
one parent replied that ” kibi is a boy” the other one said that “no
kibi is a girl, kibi lied”.
a: is kibi a boy or a girl
b: who answered first mother or father?

Ans:  kibi is a girl and mother answered first.

46. The boy goes to school reaches railway station at his 1/3 of his
journey& mill at 1/4 of his journey the time taken him to walk between
railway station & mill is 5 mins. Also he reaches railway station at
7.35amwhen he started from house& when he reaches school?

Ans: 7:15to8.15

47. If a person is sitting in a exam having 30 questions (objective
type) the examiner use the formula to calculate the score is S=30+4c-w
here c is number
of correct answer and w is number of wrong answer , the examiner find
the score is more than 80, tell how may questions are correct ? if the
score is little less but still more than 80 then u wont be able to
Ans :- 16

48. If a person having 1000 Rs and he want to distribute this to his
five children in the manner that each son having 20 Rs more than the
younger one , what will be the share of youngest child
Ans- 160

49.Raju having some coins want to distribute to his 5 son , 5 daughter
and driver in a manner that , he gave fist coin to driver and 1/5 of
remaining to first son he again gave one to driver and 1/5 to 2nd son
and so on…. at last he equally distributed all the coins to 5
daughters. how many coins raju initially have???

50. if ravi binded his book and the binder cut the pages of the book ,
ravi decided to mark the pages by himself own , what he found that
number of three appears 61 times find of number of pages answer
Ans – 300


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