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Configure Adsense Advertisement on your Guest post

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Our Website turned into a Revenue share blog, Since it allows to make money by Adsense Ads on above your own posts, 🙂

Here now i going to guide how to configure your Adsense Ads code on your posts,

Consider and register by using Write us page first,

After Installed With TipsInside , Follow the below steps.

  • Login to your Google Adsense account and Create ads from My Ads.
  • Using Create New Ad Unit with 300*250,
  • Select Ad Style -> Use Custom settings with following color settings,
Border      :  FFFFFF
Title  :  111111
Background color :  FFFFFF
Text    :  888888
URL     : 111111
Background  :  FFFFFF
  • Use above color format and this will matches for out Website text colors Like below image,
  • After you feel everything ok, Just hit Save and get code,Copy the code and paste it on any notepad for temporary use ;),
  • Now login back to your TipsInside,
  • Select Dashboard –> My Adsense.
  • Now Paste your Publisher ID and Google Ad Slot ID like below,
  • After configure, Please hit Save and Start writing article 😀


If any doubt or problem, Comment below.


, is a computer science graduate. He is interested in sharing the system tweaking ,Web-designing, SEO and tips to use your system fetching you utmost use. Happy tweaking! :D

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