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How to import Firefox Bookmarks to Chrome

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We know Google chrome is a fastest growing web browser, It have their unique character in their Speed, Simple and Safety, Even though it is very comfortable to use, Also switching from another browsers is also easy, Let we see how we import the bookmarks ,saved passwords, search engines and saved history from firefox,

Now we take a look , First of all you need a Google chrome web browser, It may be bad joke, But it is essential ( i am not kidding ), You can download Google chrome using this link, Download Latest Version of Google Chrome Full Setup / Offline Installer

If you already have Google chrome, Just leave above point, After Installing or opening the Google Chrome , Just move to the settings menu, ( which is placed in right corner of address bar ),

In settings menu, Move to bookmarks menu and choose Import bookmarks and settings, After selecting that menu you have been landed to that settings page, Where in that menu , you can choose what you want to import, Chrome provides the options like Browsing history, Saved passwords, Bookmarks and Search engines,

Also you can Listed to select the browser, Just Choose Firefox and hit Import, Now your google chrome browser will automatically import all settings and bookmarks from the Firefox browsers,


After getting Imported, Now you can choose Show bookmarks bar, If you check this option, your bookmark toolbar is been displayed in the name of Imported from firefox, 

Now you can use the Mozilla firefox Bookmarks on the Google chrome, Now chrome will update your bookmarks with its google servers, Now you can stay with your own bookmarks,anywhere and anytime with your google chrome browsers,

You may also try Google chrome addons for download, Facebook timeline remover for Facebook,

i hope this may helpful to import this bookmarks, 🙂 ,


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