Code Vita for TCS aspirants – A Code Fest from TCS Campus Commune

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  1. shfsf says:

    team leader formed the team before registration of the team members…team members used the same username as given by the team leader…team leader registered the team and he got a team number..but message in the team members ‘view your team’ tab is “you have not yet formed a team”

    • webmaster says:

      No you cannot give the same username as the team leader when you register. It will show you an error if you give the same username as another person, there will be a check availability option beside the text box. You must have registered with a different user name for sure. If you got your Team number, now register the new users by clicking on the option form your team in the Code vita log in. Then again enter the name and CT number. Note that the leader must do this.

    • webmaster says:

      If you are still in problem, and my reply doesn’t help post your problem still more clearly.

  2. neelam says:

    Can direct applicants register for codeVita?
    Since Tcs has invited our college for the competition(Thadomal shahani Engineering college,Bandra ), i want to know even if i am not a campus applicant how do i register for it. I filled up Direct Applicant form n got a DT ref no.

    • webmaster says:

      You can post directly Neelam, formalities doesn’t matter. We are your friends… 🙂 It has been said that the code vita is for students who are above the batch 2013, so it depends on your batch. Are you currently pursuing your final year, or you are a passed out candidate? Besides, the chances are highly favorable to Campus Applicants,
      See the third point in this link, it has been clearly mentioned CT, So sorry, but don’t leave it here. A wiser act would be, you have campus commune right? Log in into it and you will have help line in that, after launching Campus Commune. There you can post this problem, TCS may take appropriate steps for you to pursue Code Vita.

      • neelam says:

        yes i m currently in final year.. n did u mean helpline no?
        well each time i called them i got different answers from each of them!!!

        • webmaster says:

          No i din mean helpline number. You are in campus commune right? They you will Launch campus commune from after logging in into that, you will “Launch campus commune”. Hope you are familiar with that. After launching campus commune, if you observe the options in the top keenly you can find “Helpline” option. There if you post your prob they will reply in a day or two.

        • webmaster says:

          That will be like sending a message…

    • webmaster says:

      Hope you are clear with the reply…

  3. Santhu says:

    Hello, If i register as a team leader by using my CT ref id & password, should my team memebrs also need to register as a team member by using their login credential?

    • Arun says:

      Hello Santhu, yes, your team members have to register too. And after you login using your CT no. you should mention your team members along with their CT no. too. You will then get a team number for your team.

  4. Tanmay says:

    can only students who are in the last year of b.e. participate??
    i have 2 members in my 3member team who are in third year engg currently…can they participate in codevita too?

  5. webmaster says:

    Sorry tanmay, the rules clearly says anyone from the batch of 2013 can form team and register online. But you can keep them aside for help. But cant have them participated.

  6. lalitha says:

    hi..iregistered as team leader with other two team members…but now i forgot the username and team members can access their accounts…but i can’t…can u help me..i know only my team number…

    • webmaster says:

      Hi, lalitha. Simple,
      go to this link and click on forgot password and enter your CT number and the secret question that you posted while you registered for the CodeVita. And thats it you are done with the password problem. You must be having your CT number with you, if not check out the mails from the TCS while you were registering for the Campus Commune.

  7. saurabvh wadhwani says:

    hi ,i registerd in nextstep and filled all the forms .. but when i try to register in codevita , nothing happens , it says please register in nextstep and i have already registered in dat site. any help

    • webmaster says:

      Did u get the CT number? Confirmation mail?

      • saurabh wadhwani says:

        yes.. i got my ct n cnfrmatn nail n passwrd .. i also changed d password n filled up applicatn form.uploaded my cv photo .. aftr compltn i tried to regstr in codevita . it says please regster in nextstep. i tried a day after . still it says d same

  8. Srilatha says:

    I Have entered my university instead of institute in nextstep portal .So can i modify it now .Is there any way of doing it. ?

    • webmaster says:

      No problem, Sri Latha… 🙂 You can edit those details easily. Only details like name, mother’s maiden name, Date of Birth and CGPA are the stuffs that we cannot edit. So log in to your next step and you will find edit registration form in your left side first link. Click on that and you will get the form that you filled up while you were registering edit the details over there and save it. And that’s it you are done with your work…

  9. Srilatha says:

    Thank u for your early reply!.It was helpful.

  10. gowtham says:

    Plz! Sir, I want some more information regarding to how this contest be just give a few
    Examples on how complex it’s, I love programming very much.

    • webmaster says:

      How in the sense? I cant get u gowtham, please be clear. The contest must be mostly open and it is conducted for 2 days. You just prepare for coding and during the practice session you will be fully equiped with how the contest will be. So don’t worry about how it will be. The problems may be similar to the one in Aspirations 2020 or codechef in NITT, i mean in that format.

      • webmaster says:

        If you need assistance in such problems ping us we would mail or post some similar problems and we will also show you threads for such problems.

  11. Srilatha says:

    is it possible to change from direct applicant to campus applicant after having received the DT number?

  12. Amrita says:

    Hello. i registered as a team lead and since my team members had not registered yet, i chose the option “do this later” during my registration on the team formation page. now that they too have registered for the contest how do i proceed?

    • webmaster says:

      Hi Amrita, thats fine you are done with the basic procedures. Now next thing is that you click on form your team and enter your team mates unique username that they entered during code vita registration and their CT reference Number. Thats if you are done. Now if you click view your team you will have your team. See to it that dont change your team mates often. That may lead to the disqualification of the team or team members.

  13. Rohit says:

    Sir, is it compulsory to upload a team photograph for a team to get registered…?

    • webmaster says:

      No, rohit. The necessity for team photograph is that if your Team wins to post that in TCS site or such publishing purposes they collect photos. So do upload it. Today is last day, make it ASAP.

  14. tina says:

    i tried every to log in trough my id but i can not, tried to change password with sequrity question answer but always displaying invalid credential, i dont understand what took place, please help me, how can i log in please tell me

    • webmaster says:

      Tina are you refering Campus Commune?? Do you have the mail that they sent when you registered? Check the last mail sent by them try that password.

      • tina says:

        no i was talkin about my codevita account, i can not open my account wit user name and password even security question is not workin, is any other option to confirm team without loging in,we ave our roup no. and CT reference number i can not log in in my account but my team as been formed if i cant lo in i could not make confirmation and my group will be disqualified, please help

    • webmaster says:

      There will be password in the last mail that they sent, you can use that if you have not changed it. If changed try the Security question, thats the only way.

      • tina says:

        if my registration is cancelled can my group take any other registered member in their in their group? help me plz with reply asap

        • webmaster says:

          Sorry Tina, most probably it will also be considered as changing team. Dunno how they will take up this, if they consider that the two are changing team they may disqualify them. See for that too.

  15. rushil says:

    Can i form team now ?? i have registered for code vita but team formation is panding.

  16. Mandar Joshi says:

    sir, i forgot my “codevita” password and forgot password link is not working how can i get my pssword??
    is there any help line or something…??

    • webmaster says:

      Mandar, they did not give such options for retrieving password. So you cannot get any mails for passwords.

  17. sindhu says:

    i forgot my tcscodevita username and password,.. what procedure to find that sir?

    • webmaster says:

      Sorry sindhu. We dont have options in Code vita site to retrieve password and username from code vita.

  18. Rohit says:

    hello sir 🙂
    i registered as a team leader and now when i opened my codevita account to confirm my registeration… and i clicked on view team it says..
    You have been nominated in the following teams :
    but does not show any team no.

    is everything all right…..?

    • webmaster says:

      Hi Rohit, the team leader need not confirm, its the team members who have to accept that they are confirming to participate with you for code vita as a team. You no need to panic, just ask the team members to confirm the registration you will have your team in below the prompt “You have been nominated for the following team:” with a tick mark in the status column for the team you have applied for. 🙂 Thats it, if you have problem continue the thread.

  19. Kishore says:

    TCS code vita is full of errors.
    I am having the same problem what tina is facing..
    and when i consulted some of my friends.. some of them have said the same.
    they are not able to login into their account nor able to reset the password through security question.All it displays is “Invalid Credentials”.
    Dont what kind of site they have designed or what kind of database problem is this.
    Well now because of all this stuff .. we and our team may get disqualified if this problem does not get resolved. 🙁 n:( 🙁

  20. shilpa lakhera says:

    sir,i forgot my codevita username and password.kindly send me my username and password as early as possible..thanking u

    • webmaster says:

      Shilpa, how do we know your user name and password?? If you are a college student Try to contact your TPO or placement co-ordinator to rectify this problem.

  21. julie says:

    after enter the username and password it show a msg invalid credentials in username and nat logging me….then what i do ,,,pls rply fast

    • webmaster says:

      THis error occurs common Julie, if you are a college student try to contact your placement co-ordinator or TPO to rectify this.

  22. das sad says:

    sir… is this codevita competition cause an affect over the placements?? i mean i am unable to register my team,so i m not taking part in it.. is it effect my campus placement of TCS??

    • webmaster says:

      No Das, it counts. But it is not a compulsory concern. If you participate and do well you will have credits that will be considered while you get placed.

  23. Rohit says:

    ..I got it ..
    Everything is fine and working as you said…
    thank you sir….
    and this site, really a great idea and great work for solving problems for us…..:-)..
    thank you once again..:-)

  24. webmaster says:

    This is our forum. Members are welcome… 🙂

  25. tina says:


  26. tina says:

    DO WE AVE TO DOWNLOAD TIS FILE? codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe
    27 May 2010 74.0 MB BerliOS or

    • webmaster says:

      Yes, Tina. If you prefer to code in C, then choose this one. But i would advice to go for linux platforms to code. Its a good practice to do programs in linux. You will learn much more. Try to use Linux OS, there are several variants for Linux as Ubuntu(Common Desktop), Fedora(Red Hat variant), Red Hat, Cent OS, Suse etc.

  27. julie says:

    sir tpo se contect nhi ho pa rha he nd time toh 3pm he kuch or ho sakta he

  28. divya says:

    i wanna know what to do in the practice test of the contest on 8th august. i have nt got ny mail regarding the practice test???plz help i dont wanna miss this contest.

  29. Priya says:

    i forget my username and password for codevita,and my security queston s nt working.So i havent confirmed my team ,but my team members have confirmed the group,Now whether our group will be confirmd or nt and is dere any way to recover my password???? plz help me

  30. divya says:

    sir i m asking wil u send us the questions in practice round from 7th to 12th of august?

    • webmaster says:

      Yes Divya. That is a practice round, just to get you know how the competition would be. It may be any form starting from a simple mini projects or a tough coding contest, as bytecode in pragyan and aspiration 2020.

  31. divya says:

    thank u sir:)

  32. Shankey Garg says:

    sir,i hve registered twice with same Ct number by mistake,in order to change my username.n now when i am signing in then “invalid credentials”appears n nthng happens after that….Even one more team is also facing same problem.what should i do???please guide me as earlier as possible.

  33. anup says:

    do you have ne sample que or smthing !! coz i dnt have ne idea which kind que they gonna ask

  34. anup says:

    do you have ne sample que or smthing !! coz i dnt have ne idea which kind que they gonna ask

  35. Debajyoti Raychaudhuri says:

    hi, i had some problem while performing in the practice round. I could not submit my program and the session of 6 hours is expired! so can I still perform when the actual contest round begins?

  36. Rajesh Kannan says:

    We have participated in TCS codevita contest practice round, in that when we tried to send a simple C program without any errors we got message saying compile time error.
    We have run that program in many compilers and we also followed the input output as specified in the problem. Can i get some help?

    • webmaster says:

      The compiler version matters and strictly stick to the rules sent by them. The sample input and output stuffs must be in tact as mentioned in the sample Input and outputs.

  37. adi says:

    have registered as per the process. but no ‘accept’ tab. cant access the problem statement. reply asap.

  38. shruthi says:

    sir please can u tell how to download this compilers and if i am having my turbo c software can i browse my program file from it and submit directly

  39. Rohit says:

    hello once again sir..:-)
    i want to ask about the certificates…
    the students who are not selected for the second round.., will they get the certificate of participation..?

  40. lalitha says:

    plz send the link to check 1st round results for codevita..its urgent

  41. Aruljothi says:

    how to clear the round in codevita

  42. laddu says:

    Can anyone help me in withdrawing as team leader and entering as team member in code vita?

  43. Hello,
    What is the difference between CT number and DT number?
    I’ve registered as a team lead in CodeVita and in the list where we have to select a team member, I’m not able to find any of my classmates. This is because they have got a CT number and i have got a DT number. What should I do?

  44. rutva patel says:

    sir,i lost my id i know my password how i can retrive that??

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