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The main need for the users today is the storage of mass files, the computer users are growing day by day. The Internet giants such as Google and Dropbox are racing towards that demand of the users. Here we will discuss not in a technical perspective but rather in a demand view. Rather than saying that the computer users have grown day by day we can say that the Internet users have increased in due course of time. The Internet has transformed into a powerful tool for us today. Having our data’s stored in the local hard drive doesn’t make it cent percent safe.

So some people used to dump their important stuffs as emails, they used to mail themselves to one of their id’s. But what will u do if the size exceeds 25 MB. There comes a real demand. The User’s now wants to store their chunk of data’s. That demand lead to the rise of and and finally our Internet boss the into the race of storage, exciting us with its drive. The already provides us with 5 GB storage but that storage is only confined with the Internet. took a step further syncing our data all around our multiple pc’s. Wanna know about dropbox and thier Service, Refer What is Dropbox ?  But dropbox limits us with 2 GB and increases our usage size in the rate of 500 MB with each referral that we make to our friend, which is a good trade off. Having this in our current scenario, the google has entered this paradigm of cloud storage.

Google Drive is a google product providing the users with online storage. The former product by Google in social networking the Google Plus, went viral in the beta version making more demands. But Google plus striving hard to overcome Facebook after its release. Besides Google Plus had a great one facebook for it to compete in the social networking. Having Dropbox innovated with some new features in the field and Google drive with a new startup we can hope for a better services from both the giants. Will facebook enter into this paradigm? But facebook said that its on the fmail to come up. Besides you can send your messages to a person who has facebook id, facebook had its seperate id [email protected] which when mailed is received as a message in your fb account.


Having these online facilities users would be void of space demand. If more more Internet boss’s come up with such product the users will be void of demand for space, having a small chunk from every one making a large chunk from these bits of storage spaces.

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  1. Yadesh

    you missed about skydrive… anything about that??

    1. Balaji

      Skydrive is also a wonderful online storage which offers 7 GB data, But in offline sync, they wont support android,iPhone,mac systems… Now they provide offline sync for Windows 8 only..

      If you manage your office docs,files.. you better may choose Skydrive… 😀

      1. Yadesh

        oh thank u for ur info… 🙂

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