TCS with its new portal – Campus Commune

Hi guys, today we will see the new portal for the students and the budding Engineers. Tata Consultancy Services, the mass recruiter of India has stepped into the new paradigm of Socializing with its future company peoples, helping them with a new help desk for sharing and discussing their idea’s.


What the Campus Commune does?

The Corporate Giant has emerged with a new social networking site, absolutely meant for the purpose of sharing the technical ideas and discussing other public issues.

Who can register for Campus Commune?

If you are a college student and TCS comes for your college its well and good you will be provided an appropriate link to join into the Campus Commune. If TCS does not come to your college that doesn’t matter you can approach TCS directly and you have a separate registering for that (there are appropriate links in the site for that as shown in the snap).

The corporate has come up with this may be the reason that people wasting time in the social networking sites, so to make their time fruitful to some extent this site may solve the purpose. Besides, it may be a mark for the candidates participating in the Campus Commune and that degree of participation may prove their interest level and frequency for visiting the Campus Commune.

But the problem with the site is that, the session that is created when you log in is very short expiring within hours. The site is administered in a standard way such that forum questions are approved only after it is satisfying the administrators of the site. It is quite useful for the users to share their ideas, besides the important thing is that the TCS employee’s are participating answering the students questions. This would be much more helpful for the students blowing away the mist of what is happening inside the company, and share the worker’s experience.

Besides the Campus commune is only a part of the TCS’s next step. It provides a way for the applicants to apply and upload their details online and easing the interview process, there are also facilities for tracing your applications in the site. And this is the link to register to the site Here you can register and can proceed.


The Features of Campus Commune is that :

  • You can ask your questions, and this one is like a general forum answered by others
  • There will be debates and polls in which you can participate, but you cannot create a new thread or topic in poll or debate
  • There are challenges such as solving puzzles etc


The attractive feature of the site is that if you use Campus Commune you will be awarded points for your participation, and that may be a metric for the officials to measure your participation and interest.

If you have any problems in registering in the NextStep you can comment.If you are an engineering student, this article may be useful for choosing your area of Interest.

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How to score points in TCS Campus Commune

Hope this article is useful.


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  1. sangita

    i have registered myself on campus commune but i have lost my id and password.please help me out with this issue as soon as possible

    1. Balaji

      without your user ID, you cant recover your account sangita, Try to search the mail which you got from TCS while you get registered, you surely find your user ID on your mail inbox, If you got the user ID means.. you surely recover your password by using “forget password” option, else you can register a new account with it, if you still face a problem.. feel free and comment below…

  2. jai

    sir while i was regisrtring for my campus portal by mistake i wrote a wrong email id so now i cannot access my account as i do not know my password & as i have not yet registered even once i cannot even use the facility of forget password…and as my account has been created once the portal is not allowing me to create a new one…plz help me with this issue..!!!

    1. webmaster

      No formalities… We are your friends… 🙂 Jai, try to register a new account. Can you please explain what it is asking for. Probably it must say that the name was already registered. Is it so? Please explain what does it ask for when you go for a new account?

  3. bharathi

    i did mistake in my name.can i change it? plz help me.

    1. webmaster

      Sorry bharathi, that is the crucial thing in TCS Portal. We cannot change our name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name in the TCS portal. One choice is that you can make a new registry and can get a new account.

  4. pavani

    sir..I registered in codevita challenge in campus commune.I am the team leader of my team.By mistake,i entered a wrong CT number of one of my teammate while forming the team.I could nt find any editing option in the codevita block,so not able to correct the CT,what I have to do to get it corrected sir??Reply me as early as possible with this me out with this sir…

    1. webmaster

      Pavani, the TCS Portal doesn’t provide us ample facilities. Once a CT is registered it wont take the another one. So one whose name is registered i mean the CT cant participate. Or else there is one way, if you are studying in a college. Hope that you are currently pursuing your final years. You can request your college Placement Cell to request to TCS, you can individually post this problem in TCS campus commune Helpline. They will post appropriate reply in a day or two.

  5. Akshata chintawar

    sir i m not able to access launch campus commune. Please give me a solution for this .I hve tried with google chrome ,internet explorer also but still its not please tell me how to access it i want to register for code vita.

  6. Akshata chintawar

    sir i m not able to access launch campus commune. Please give me a solution for this .I hve tried with google chrome ,internet explorer also but still its not please tell me how to access it i want to register for code vita. i am awaiting for ur reply

    1. webmaster

      Akshata Chintawar, you no need to access campus commune to register code vita. The code vita registration is carried out in a separate web site so you can start your code vita registration here. For that you need a soft copy of your photo. And your CT number. After this you can form your team for code vita after registration. You mentioned that you cannot access campus commune, can you elaborate your problem, is your browser showing “Unsafe to visit this site add exception”??

  7. Akshata chintawar

    yes sir it is showing certificate navigation error

    1. webmaster

      I have attached a link to this comment Akshata, take a look. Hope it will help u…

  8. vanessa

    i registered at tcscodevita and at the beginnng itself wrote down the ct no. of my teammates. they havent registered yet but will do it soon. will they automatically come under my team once they register?

    1. webmaster

      Ya this is rather a tricky way to get your team, but this depends on luck. When you form team you would be prompted for two things one is username of your mate and the ct number. Here if your user name is unique, provided no one took that username before. you are safe, now if you dont have your username you are in prob… So do the registration as soon as possible since all around have started registering for the competition so make it asap…

  9. tathagat

    sir i have lost my user id .i am not able to find it in email…please help

    1. webmaster

      Sorry tathagat, these are the drawbacks in the site, they don’t send any notification mails. but only if you remember the username you can get into it… Post your problem in helpline in campus commune they may help…

  10. Akshata chintawar

    Sir as per linked provided by you i have done the steps for fixing problem of browsers to access campus commune but still it is showing blank page now so sir please help me

    1. webmaster

      which browser are u using? There might be a problem with your browser, try in a different browsers or if same problem persists, reinstall the browser after uninstalling the old one.

  11. keerthi karunakaran

    hello sir…iam very keen to participate in codevita..but the problem is, iam unable to access both campus commune and code vita though i have registered in tcsnextstep .Through the link that u have mentioned above, i have gone through all the steps in diffeent browsers, but unable to acesss as it shows a blank page. Please help me.

    1. webmaster

      There may be problem with your system, do u experience generally some problems while using internet?

      1. keerthi karunakaran

        no sir, i didnt experience any problem while accessing internet in my system and i have seen even my friends facing the same problem.

  12. keerthi karunakaran

    sir , i got registered in campus commune sucessfully now after frequent attempts but the problem is iam unable to register in codevita .

    1. webmaster

      What problem does it show? The same browser problem??

      1. keerthi karunakaran

        I have tried in different browsers sir, but it shows that ” please register in next step”

        1. webmaster

          Probably you must have problem with the CT number or something else in data entry. You might have entered some data wrongly. Recheck them once.

  13. bhagyalakshmi

    hi i have registered myself on campus commune but i have lost my id and password.please help me out with this issue as soon as possible

    1. webmaster

      You would have got a mail when you have registered. Search for the mail, otherwise use forget password to reset password. When you go for this option you would be prompted for a security question that was compulsory when you signed in for campus commune. If you forget that question again you are helpless. So only if you know the security questions you can proceed with a new password.

  14. Nandita

    How to own a community in campus commune?

    1. webmaster

      HI Nandita, I think students cannot create communities in Campus Commune. That power solely lies with the admin and the people who are in TCS and are a member of Campus Commune.

      1. Nandita

        Thank u so much fr ur reply!!

        1. webmaster

          Welcome Nandita… 🙂

  15. sravani


    1. webmaster

      it must be problem with the flash player. So try it with different browser or refresh the page. You must be getting white space having the page loaded??

  16. Bravin Ninja

    Hi friends…. I have registered in Campus commune. It was working for me few days but now I can’t able to see my campus commune page. It shows Error code 500 and a comment “Sorry But Something went wrong”. Can anyone please help me with this problem?

    Thanks in advance for your reply….

    1. webmaster

      Do you get this same error many times?? Or do you get it once or twice. Coz this may be the prob with the TCS Server. So they may pop up with such things.

      1. Bravin Ninja

        Now I can access my Campus commune page sir. I think the problem is with my Laptop. I tried with different browsers but it was not working. Now I can get that page in my desktop computer. I am happy sir… Thank you….

        1. webmaster

          Welcome Bravin… 🙂

  17. Bravin Ninja

    I have registered my address in TCS portal at the time of campus selection as 37A/13.
    But in my Ration card my house number is printed as 37/A13. When I register in NSR if I give my house number as 37/A13 then any problem will come from TCS due to the mismatch of house number?? I have not yet registered in NSR because of this confusion. Please clarify my doubt friend….

    1. webmaster

      No problem Bravin, you have ways to edit the address in next step. So you can edit your address and then proceed with the NSR registration. If you still have problem, comment.

      1. Bravin Ninja

        There are no options available to edit my address in next step sir. I can only get my application form as a pdf file. I hope there will be no big problem will come in this address change. But I want to be perfect. Please let me know if there any way to change the address in Nextstep. Now I am going to register with NSR as 37/A13 because my address proofs are having the house number like this. Is that ok sir?? Thank you….

        1. webmaster

          K Bravin. Go on. Think these stuff is not that much. Another thing, are you a campus applicant or a direct applicant? If you are a campus applicant, then no problem.

          1. Bravin Ninja

            I am a campus applicant sir. I have registered in NSR yesterday. Next week going to the POS for second step registration. Thank you for your replies.

  18. Rohit

    sir, is it compulsory to upload a team photograph for a team to get registered…?

    1. webmaster

      No, rohit. The necessity for team photograph is that if your Team wins to post that in TCS site or such publishing purposes they collect photos. So do upload it. Today is last day, make it ASAP.

  19. Jones

    Sir, In TCS code vita contest my team leader registered me and my friends CT number
    then i individually registered in code vita contest but my friend didn’t register his name
    now we were try to confirm my nomination it accepted but in Team member 1 placed it shows “null”
    Is there any possible to register my friends name here after

    1. webmaster

      But the registration has been closed yesterday…

  20. Anshul sharma

    sir,i am a team lead in codevita team but my one of the team members is a another team lead. so confirmation of team could not be done. the team member who registered as a team lead want to be a member of my team. what can be done now?
    please reply as soon as possible

  21. webmaster

    Sorry jones, we cant get you. Did you register twice?

    1. Jones

      No sir my friend didnt regitster
      Is there any possible to register now??
      If he register only my team will form

      1. webmaster

        No jones sorry. You cannot form your team now.

  22. julie

    after enter the username and password it show a msg invalid credentials in username and not logging me….then what i do ,,,pls rply fast

    1. webmaster

      Its the bug with the site. Try to contact your TPO or placement co ordinator julie, they may help you by requesting to TCS.

  23. shilpa lakhera

    when i try to login in codevita,it shows invalid credentials.many times,i have made contact to toll free no 18002093111.they told me that as soon as possible,we will send you username and password for codevita in your gmail id,but i didnt get it so far.kindly send my username and password.

    1. webmaster

      Sorry, Shilpa. That problem is quiet common in many places. There are such bugs in the site.

  24. vimla singh

    sir please tell me about tcs campus test syllabus

  25. navneet

    hello sir i m not able to access my tcs nextstep account i m registered user of tcs i have all ct reference and pswd this is showing the msg

    Unable to Login! Please try after sometime

  26. Lalit

    There is problem with campus commune in Nextstep. It dont get open. I have already registered and when i entr in campus commune it shows blank page.

  27. Lalit

    Can i check points of my friend on campus commune?

  28. Swatantra

    Sir, i lost my username for codevita
    i have reset my password using my CT refrence no.
    but its still not working because i lost my username
    plz help me to fix this

  29. giri ram

    sir, i have been selected for tcs…. i am not able to launch campus commune….. i tried it many times but it is not loading can u solve me

  30. sonam parihar

    i am sonam parihar final year student of be(ece) from technocrats institute of technology bhopal. I registered on tcs nextstep under campus applicants on 13/08/2012 but i have not received my userid and password yet,please help me.

  31. khushboo pawar

    College-TIT(Excellence) Bhopal, sir i am Khushboo Pawar final year student of BE (CSE) Technocrats institute of
    technology(Excellence) ,bhopal. I registered on tcsnextstep portal under campus applicants on
    12/08/2012, the userid and password send to my email is not valid, please guide me.

  32. p.thanuja

    sir, i’m not able to open the registration form. everytime i try that, a page of RSL Error 1 of 1 turns up. i couldn’t access it. please tell me how to register as soon as possible. thankyou,

  33. p.thanuja

    sir, i’m student of Gokaraju Rangaraju institute of engg and technology, Andhra pradesh. the placements are commencing in ten days and i couldn’t register yet. we cant submit CV and other details without getting the user id n password na. please send me the link which directly opens the registraion form ..which is in working condition.. im worried.

  34. sameer shareef

    sir…i have done the complete registration to tcs by tcs commune portal campus applicants bt i forgot to upload the resume and photo…n when im opening the site its nt opening properly,plz help me

  35. Siva Sasank

    Sir ……. In the next step campus portal whenever i am clicking the 2012 or above button ……. Im getting “RSL Error1 of 1” ………. and the page is not loading properly on my computer……… can u please suggest me a way to get rid of this problem…..

  36. Neela — On trying to open this URL, I couldnt … Always, RSL Error 1 0f 1 occurs. Error #2032. How to fix this error?

  37. ravindra kumar

    sir , i had successfully registered in tcs portal , but i lost the registration form pdf ,
    I have my id and password ,its just i am not finding a way to get that pdf again ,please reply soon …


    how can i change my college/university name in nextstep.tcs portal for campus placements.

  39. ravi

    sir,there is a mistake in my mother’s maiden name,is it possible to correct it.

  40. sumit

    I made a mistake while filling the registration form.Actually in my certificate my name is sumit kumar but in campus commune i gave my full name sumit kumar singh which is not mentioned in any of my sir plz tell me how to correct it.

  41. akshara

    HELP please!! while registering myself in campus commune i gave my surname in place of first name and first name in place of middle name! im done with registering a complaint at “[email protected]” .they asked me to create a new account.i did as i was told to but now i dint get any CT REFERENCE ID…its been two days since i registered AND ON TOP OF THAT WE HAVE PLACEMENTS THE NEXT WEEK FOR WHICH WE NEED TO APPLY FOR THE DRIVE FOR WHICHI NEED A CT NUMBER!! 🙁

  42. Rohit

    the students who have cleared the first round of coding contest. will they get certificates of participation…?

  43. MALAR

    sir,i changed my password but i forgot it.i entered CT ref no and the security answer.i received a reply like”password has been mailed to ur mail id”.but till now i didnt get.what can i do?

  44. MALAR

    how can i retrieve my password?can u pls help me?

  45. Amandeep

    Sir while giving the quiz on campus commune the message “We are sorry but something went wrong” appeared and after that my quiz attempt was counted…so now i only have 1 attempt left. How to solve this problem???

  46. Yasaswini N

    Sir,by mistakenly i wrote my mother’s name instead of mother’s surname before marriage in the mother’s maiden name column.and i sent a mail to [email protected] to edit my registration form.But they are asking me for a valid proof.And the problem here is as my mother is uneducated there is no such proof to claim her identity with the surname which she had before her marriage.Sir,please help to solve this……

  47. Arvind v b

    sir i have added a wrong team member and he also accepted it im not able to change it..what should i do to change my team member..

  48. Aruljothi

    sir,i am accept a one team member am not able to change it…how to change the team member

  49. Nikesh Kumar

    sir i have forgotten my reference id and password of tcs campus commune portal. i have done that registration 1 year back so whereever i have written that i just cannot remember that. Can you suggest me the exact solution becoz if i am unable to do so could not be able to sit for the campus recruitment process. Tcs is not taking that registration again. plz reply me the answer urgently.

  50. shyam sundhar

    i changed my password but i forgot the password and the security answer…

    so how can i get back the changed password?

  51. manish singh

    sir, i have been selected for tcs…. i am not able to launch campus commune….. i tried it many times but it is not loading,it shows “you do not have access in this area ” can u solve me

  52. ruchita

    after registering for tcs…when i login in my account …campus commune link is not shown wat should i do???? pls rply..

  53. hema natarajan

    sir i have registered as a team lead but my member have nt yet registered so please tell when does the registration close?is there any other way to register rather than campus portal?

  54. Sushmitha Reddy

    Sir I registered to tcs codevita but I did not note my CT id number . how can get it?? Please help me

  55. gurpreet kaur

    I have registered. and its showing that you wee already registered but I m not getting my reference id. please help what should I do?????

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