Add meta Description and Keywords for each single post in Blogger


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3 Responses

  1. Badhri says:

    thnx a lot …ths is wht i was searching for…..

  2. Rahul says:

    you have explained different ways to add meta tags in a nice manner. I am new to blogging stuff and wanted to ask,
    1. if I follow the procedure of adding meta description using the option provided in blogger new interface (where I can click yes and it gives me option for individual posts too) , then what do I do for keywords, Can I use the other method and directly add keywords only and not description in Blogger template edit html. won’t it conflict.

    2. If i keep adding the keywords and description to each post in edit html blog template. wont that make my template code(source code) very very lenghty,say what happens when i reach a 300 or 500 posts. Will this not affect my page load speed.

    3. Finally, any shortcuts to do achieve this.
    shall appreciate if you could reply asap. Many thanks .

  3. seo singapore says:

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