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What Are Keyloggers And How Do They Harm Us

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Keyloggers are usually programs, specifically spyware programs, installed in your PC through internet. You may have downloaded a file from torrent, and away from your realization and notification, they get installed in your system. However, the question is, are Key loggers harmful? Do they have beneficiary uses too? Here you can find the answers to all the queries of this type.

Keyloggers as Beneficiary Tools :

It totally depends upon the use of keylogger to consider it as harmful or beneficiary. For those connected with the intelligence department or those who fight cyber crime, keylogger is a useful tool. Recently, the Drug Enforcement Agency in USA have used a keylogger to hunt for the suspect as they required real time access to the suspect’s activities to close in on the high profile drug case.
There are many such cases where keyloggers have been very much useful for the crime control departments. So, they can have beneficiary uses too, as opposed to what it is thought to be.

The Harmful Usage of Keylogger :

The keylogger can also be used for harmful purposes. These programs record every stroke that is made over the keyboard of a computer, where it has been installed. So, it is now easy to gain the data like passwords, usernames, bank details, credit card number and other such data from the computer. Now, the question is how do these keyloggers get installed on your computer?
As said earlier, keyloggers can get downloaded, if you download a file especially with torrent clients. Moreover, the social networking sites are one of the easiest and regular targets of malware developers, like the keylogger, and you can easily get into the trap set by these sites. One of your friends, who may or may not be a victim of keylogger attack, sends you a link over the social networking site. As you trust your friend, you will simply click on the link, and bingo!! The keylogger gets installed.
There are cases where public computers like libraries and other such places have been attacked by the keyloggers and the data of the users of those computers have been stolen and used for various purposes. One of the chief purposes of stealing your personal data is for financial transactions.

It Can Also Be Ugly!! :

How ugly it can become, depends upon the intentions of the person, who is installing the keyloggers software in the personal computer of someone else. Parents usually do this to keep an eye over their children and the use of the internet by them. Many a time spouses and partners use them to check, if the other person is cheating on them or not. Friends usually do this, to know the personal details, which can be used against you.
Using and considering computer as a safe place to save your data in a way can land you up in severe trouble, as data that you thought is secure is not at all secured anymore, and the reason for this is the keylogger.

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