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How to Prevent WordPress Site From SQL Injection Attack

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Nowadays most of the blog and website is been Developed using WordPress Blogging tool, For this reason Hackers turned to WordPress, Simply Understanding WordPress Security makes Preventing our blog from Hackers,

The SQL Injection is a common Hacking technique that most widely used by Hackers,When comparing to Blogger Platform ( from Google),WordPress Bloggers only affected by SQL injection attacks ,Why because Blogger does’t uses databases ,But WordPress Works with PHP and MySQL databases, So hackers target is to hack websites password with SQL attack,

Using SQL injection results to website Hacking 🙁 , But we have to tight our security as would possible, Now i show you a simple tricks to make security tighter and am not sure it protect your blog from hackers for 100 % .

  1. Weekly Backup your website,
  2. Regularly update your WordPress and Plugins,
  3. Change the Table prefix ie: wp_xxxxx  (optional),
  4. Instal the plugin WordPress Firewall 2 ( Important),
  5. Activate and configure it, It will disable the following functions,
  • Block directory traversals (../, ../../etc/passwd, etc.) in application parameters.
  • Block SQL queries (union select, concat(, /**/, etc.) in application parameters.
  • Block WordPress specific terms (wp_, user_login, etc.) in application parameters.
  • Block field truncation attacks in application parameters.
  • Block executable file uploads (.php, .exe, etc.)

I recommend you to know the security issues in your platform periodically to prevent the attacks, Please subscribe to TipsInside for more Security articles :D,



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  1. Arjun

    Awesome! I haven’t heard that even default table prefix causes attacks to our blogs! Nice Helpful! Nice blog Balaji! 🙂

    1. balaji

      You always welcome my friend 😀 ,

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