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Backlink Generator – Submit your website over 3000 + websites with automatic generator

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Hello webmasters,i know why you are here, because me to also lazy to build backlinks over the internet, Because it take more time, effort, Registration, Dedication, etc etc, So let we move to a trick – how to generate 3000 + working backlinks with a automated generator,

Formally the backlink generation involves with building a backlink using guest post in blogs,contributing in forums,making backlink with do-follow websites, making linkback to high PR websites and goes on, but in this backlink generator, it involves with automated, offers a simple pinging tool to generate a page request to About us, website statistics and who is websites, It works with a predefined scripts that generate a separate profile for our website, Even these 3000 + websites creates a separate pages for our website statistical report,the most attractive and special thing, it available for fully free and automated,

Pros :

  • Fully automated script Generation,
  • Over 3000 + backlink generation,
  • it available for free,
  • Faster and speed generating,
  • Visually acknowledge and reports are available,
  • assured backlink available without any registration,

Cons :

  • It only generate backlink on who is, about us and statistical pages only,
  • some pages may not generate while automated generating,

To Generate 3000 + backlinks :

It just needs the website URL and Site Keywords, After filling those things, you have to select how many backlinks you want,

You can check how many backlinks available for your website using this : Backlink chacker

After generating the backlink, it dynamically generate the reports like above, i think this may help to boost up your site in web race, 😉



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    tht was very helpful ……….

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    looks like it could be handy at some point

  3. Rohit

    Its very useful to get free automated backlinks. Thanks for such as nice post.

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