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How to find out who Deleted / Unfriended you in Facebook

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As you struggled to find who is unfriended you recently in Facebook, Here your struggle get to end, you reached here means, you may suddenly get decreased number in your friend counts, 🙁 Because every Facebook users handling more connections, Since get to know who is unfriended you from their list is little harder, so today let we discuss about, how to find this problem.


Now ready to go, then one more thing, dont revenge with whom unfriended you 😉

Follow Below steps to find :

  • Please visit,
  • Log in with your Facebook account, For first time users, Facebook warns you to confirm, to allow account access,
  • After getting logged in, it shows who has been unfriended you, it will shows based on your profile graph,
  • If it is not showing latest unfrended connection, it should contain less knowledge about your profile,
  • Anyways, Don’t worry, once you logged in, your graph can be analyzed every time, You can also view it by later if you have been fired,
  • It also show who has been unfriended you and who has been added as a friend ( new ) ,
  • It clearly shows a graph about the friend list you ,How much you join and how much you loss,
  • That site also allows you to unregister any time from that site,


i hope this article may get helpful, If you face any problem or happy with this, Comment below

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  1. reeha@inkjet

    I am going to check and sure that it also works true like Facebook timeline changing. thanks for sharing it with me.

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