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Nokuntu managing Nokia phones in Linux

Nokuntu is a program for managing Nokia phones in Linux. It is similar to Windows Nokia PC Suite, Why because Nokia does not develop any special PC suite for Linux, why because Linux releases tier update periodically, Where the hardware and software support form Linux developer s should frequently updated,


By using this software , you can make message,backup contacts,connect internet , etc.


Features :

  • Works with Gnome (tested, need nautilus)
  • Visually attractive and similar in some aspects to Windows Nokia PC Suite
  • Functions: autoconfiguration, media file manager, Synchronization with Evolution, send SMS from Nokuntu, send files to your cellphone from Nautilus, Wireless bluetooth webcam, bluetooth PC internet sharer (use the internet connection of your PC over bluetooth to navigate in your phone!), cached maps creator
  • As you can probably note this suites just integrate some features you can do in other ways. Fell free to use this ideas separately from nokuntu
  • Full Bluetooth implementation
  • Battery and model info in the main window
  • Autodetects bluetooth or USB connection (with different functions each)
  • Bluetooth PC internet connection sharer
  • tip for easy backup

To Download :

  • Visit from Nobuntu Development page on,
  • Download and Install it on your Linux operating system,
  • By Installing this software makes your phone handling is very easy,

Simple and powerful client application for Linux for Nokia, You can download it by here,

I hope this it may helpful, 🙂


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