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How to Convert Images to Icon .ico Files Without Any Software ( Online )

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Converting icon file from any image surely requires some software’s, Since designing icon file is also a not a simple thing, It requires much knowledge, Where if you have skill to develop any gif, png, jpg, etc means, Just go up, Design your icon in any your desired picture, After finishing that, i know you waiting to convert that image to .ico icon file, Right, But how, By downloading any freeware application, No way, Because we are very lazy, so let go for online converting tool,

Today now let discuss about online image to icon converter,
This website Providing 100 % freeware service, Since very simple steps to export the .ico file from this site, it support to upload ico, cur, png, jpg files . We can select the pixel for that image before exporting, since we get the exact size before converting, After conversion it asks for download, You can now use the icon file as your desired method.,

Where it exports the uploaded image with our desired size of .ico image, To Convert visit this link,

it can be used for website favicon to software shortcut icons also, where it should be applicable to our user input, i.e selecting the correct size for that image, 😀
Still unsatisfied with above website conversion, let us switch to another website, 😀 . Why i recommending this means,Its service is been really very cool and easy to navigate, Finally we got any type of icon within a single second at the Desired method of icon types,

It supports the file types like

.icns .ico .svg .gif .png .tif
.tga .cur .bmp .jpg .xpm .rsrc

it also have a option to convert with many options,

  • Convert to icns icons (Mac OS X)
  •  Convert to rsrc icons (Mac OS X)
  •  Convert to finder-compatible icons (Mac OS X)
  •  Convert to ico icons (Windows)
  •  Convert to PNG icons (Linux)
  •  Convert to favicon icons (WWW)
  • Convert to iPhone-style PNG icons


Here the website,  Convert simply with online conversion 😀 ,

I hope this should may helpful to you,


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