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Now moving from android, blackberry or iPhone to Nokia lumia is simple,

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Nokia is a Leading Mobile network we all know, But nowadays Nokia meet more down in market due to Android, Because Nokia own their Symbian OS for its mobile, Since they not went for Android, Here other manufactures used Android and captured marked easily, So Nokia handshakes with Microsoft Windows mobile and released their product Nokia Lumia, Also Nokia Attracting other customer by released a new software for sync,

Windows Phone from Nokia Proved a lot on market, Actually Nokia Bring windows phone status to high, Since Nokia makes hard work to pickup the market with other mobile companies, Belong to that, Nokia make a wonderful application for switching customer from another brands,

Using this Application, You can easily migrate from another brands like iPhone, Android, Blackberry to Nokia with a simple interface,

You can backup the data from the exciting phone, Data like Images, Videos, Music, Apps ( if avail ), Calender and most importantly Contacts ๐Ÿ™‚ ,

Actually this application works for both windows and mac, It totally innovative project from them and avail in mark space,

  • Download this App from markspace
  • After Download, Instal it on your PC
  • Open the Welcome home to Windows phone

  • Connect your existing Android or iPhone or Blackberry and hit scan,
  • That software automatically scan all information of the phone andย  take a backup of your contacts, music, video, apps as it possible
  • For windows phone, It cant instal android apps, since the apps itself recommend the related apps for windows phone, so you can get a copy of apps for your windows phone also,
  • After finished backup, You transfer all files to windows phone,
  • Now you almost done with retrieving data from your old phone
  • migrating is almost over, now transfer the apps what you already selected, ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo source : Nokia


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  1. Gopan

    The application seems to be nice. but the question is who in the world will migrate to Windows phone from any of the above platforms?

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