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The ultimate challenge in today’s world for the computer science people is choosing their language to implement their skills and ideas besides area of interest. So to meet up this challenge let us discuss the major streams of the technologies to be known. A computer science people may have any fields of are of interest such as algorithms, networking, Database systems etc. But it is necessary to get in to one stream of technology to implement your ideas. To select your language choose wisely and the one you are accustomed the most. This would help you a lot to implement your idea’s radically.

  • The first stream that we are going to discuss is that Microsoft Products. If you are familiar with the Microsoft Products such as C#, VB etc then choose the following
Microsoft Technologies


  • C#
  • Windows Mobile

If you learn these technologies, it will be helpful for you. The ASP.NET technology is basically to implement your web based ideas. The C# for offline applications and the Windows Mobile is a technology to make programs for the mobile. The Microsoft product is a proprietary product. You have to buy the products to work in it.

The ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET can be practiced in Microsoft Visual Studio. The Windows Mobile programming can be done in Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool kit(latest version).

To know more about Microsoft Visual Studio click on the pic.

To download Windows Mobile SDK click on the picture above.

The second major Stream is Java Stream:

  • J2SE
  • J2EE
  • J2ME

Java a powerful open technology used today. This is a major stream and it is so useful to learn Java. The Java is also rich with the variants to extend its dominance. Learn basic Java J2SE if you decide to choose the Java Stream. Secondly after knowing the basics of the Java learn the J2EE(Java 2 Enterprise Edition) for making web applications, J2ME for mobile applications we can code almost all the hardware’s with java programming. So it is very useful if it comes to hardware.

To program the Java 2 Standard Edition and J2EE and J2ME click on the appropriate download links.

The J2SE and J2EE link will redirect you to Kit download and you can select your OS and download appropriate version.

The J2ME Page will redirect you to a page that will show the variants of the Java Mobile Editions used for different purposes know your domain in that and download appropriately.

  • The third main stream is the open source Stream.

This stream is an open source stream, so this is the most widely used stream. The PHP is for web development and Android is for programming mobile devices(Linux based). So if you choose to work on this Stream then download the following for php

  • LAMP for linux user’s.
  • MAMP for Mac user’s.
  • WAMP for windows user’s.

Besides these things there is a general version to work in PHP the XAMPP, to download XAMPP click here. Choose your appropriate OS in the XAMPP home page and download it.

To work in Android you need the Eclipse Tool

Now click on the above picture you will be redirected to a site having the eclipse tool. In that choose the first link “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” and choose appropriately according to your OS bits.

After Downloading install the eclipse and download Android SDK and install it and you can work on the eclipse for android after installing the Android SDK, before installing Andriod SDK you won’t get any sign of the tool having Android.

And there you go TweakTaggers thanks for reading this article and don forget to tag your comments. Start coding with your passionate streams. All the Best.

Hope this article was useful.


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