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How to Bring Back Start Menu in Windows 8

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“Where is the Start button in Windows 8 ?”, This is the first question Ever asked by Everyone after get installing the windows 8, Yes. Because the start button has been removed from Taskbar by Microsoft windows 8 team, Why because they introduced the Better and Surface based Start menu for Windows 8, The Windows 8 is should actually have the wonderful features for touch Interface, But normal user can’t feel this experience,

Normally How the Start Button Works,

In Windows 8, The start has been changed to the new Interface, Actually the Start haves a new world, In this Start you can see updates , Find application, and bla bla bla.. Because Feeling the start button of windows8 is worth , The application also designed to work with this start button, Where we now miss the ordinary start button what we actually used them, In Windows 98 i think, We using the start button in the desktop, First time Windows changed the concept of Start,

Bring Start Button For Windows 8,

Start button for Windows 8 is been released by Stardock, Where the third party application Helps us to bring back the Windows 8 Start button, Also this start button not like the any other previous version of windows start button, It actually designed for Windows 8, so you feel the Windows 8 Interface 😀 ,



You can download this application from here,

Note :- Restart Required to view changes,

Why third Party Application,

Because this time Windows have no idea to provide a solution for this issue, So if we want to bring back the start button means, We have to use this Start8 only,

Is Windows Give any Solution for it,

I think Probably NO, Because Microsoft Introduce the concept in Start Button ,Since they release the old start button means, The New Start feature has been useless, You can also Participate and Request for Start menu in Windows 8 using this General Discussion Forum,

I Struggling to shutdown my windows, What i do ?

Usually most of the peoples use the shutdown by clicking Start -> ShutDown, But in Windows 8, it has been fooling the users, Since most of the Windows 8 users Struggling for shutdown,

Since refer for Shutdown, Restart ,Hibernate and sleep in Windows 8,  😀

I hope this article may helpful to bring back your favorite start button, If any problem exists, Feel free and comment below,


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