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windows 8 customer preview final direct download link

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Microsoft announced and released a final customer preview as a beta version, that means windows 8 is not available for free no longer, It should be a final build, Since it haves all fixes around the customer requests,

Great hints on Windows 8

Now Microsoft brings its Windows 8 for free to use, We can feel and report about the windows 8 problems what we feel,We can access everything on windows 8 using its genuine key which is provided by the Microsoft, Where it also available for both 32 bits and 64 bits,

Microsoft also fixes many bugs and user interface issues according to the users complaint, Probable the metro UI is changed for customers flexibility, Because most of the customer first feels that their missing start button on this OS, You may also refer How to bring back Windows start button in windows 8,

We cannot predict the release date by their enormous rumors, But we can Expect this release in the end of this year, Also Now Microsoft announced their another shocking news to windows XP users, Because Microsoft here after not make any support to their successful release windows xp, Because still most of the users using the great and most convenient operating system XP, but the XP updates and supporting makes the most cost effective comparing to windows 7 and windows 8 to Microsoft,Where every users is supposed to bought a new copy of operating system,

Microsoft plays their new operating system very carefully, It have new features like Metro UI, 3D graphics, Surface computing, touch interface and compatible with ARM processors for mobile devices, they people also concentrated in this Operating system to work in all machines that have some basic requirement to vista, Because of the failure of vista operating system, they should be very careful on it,

It also works in touch and non-touch devices, But the metro UI is working great in touch devices, the final build of Windows 8 customer preview is available for download, it can also available in .iso format, you can download and burn it directly on disc,

Windows 8 customer preview 32 bit

Windows 8 Customer preview 64 bit

Product key is


you can copy this from pastebin

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