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Play Music for your own Song [Software]

Music, the heart beat for everyone can now be automated. A software or application developed by Microsoft Corporation makes wonder that it can easily play a matching music for a song which a singer sings. People who want to become singers can make use of this application. Not only for musicians or singers, but also normal people will enjoy this application.

Microsoft had highly worked in this project and the application is brought to you by Microsoft Research. The software cannot be downloaded for free of cost but can be purchased. A trial version which can run on your computer for six hours can be downloaded for free. After six hours you won’t be able to use the software.

Most of the people don’t know about Songsmith. People having great skills in singing and lyric writing can really make use of Microsoft Songsmith more widely and up to the core.

People have hobby to write lyrics when they are happy or sad. But they want to make it as a song; they feel somewhat uncomfortable to do such things. They can make use of Microsoft Songsmith for making their own song for their own lyrics.

Microsoft Songsmith includes most of the song styles and music styles which you would like for your lyrics. It can play with almost all instruments and make your song more effective than any other. But I admin, creativity comes only when you play music manually. However, this software plays appropriate music for your song; it can be more useful for lyric writers. They may also get an idea of changing some lines in the lyrics.

Songsmith is available free for teachers. They just require a Windows Live ID to download Songsmith for free.

you can get from Microsoft research page,

Well, Songsmith is 2009 release software but still has got a good review. But, Microsoft doesn’t seem to develop Songsmith after its first release. Microsoft had given offers and compliments to people who will be in need of Songsmith.

Songsmith is said to be in partnership with PG Music. Users of Songsmith can purchase lot of styles from PG Music and a variety of music styles and presets are available to download. Make your own song with lot of music styles and presets.

Another partner is, Plogue which provides rich instruments for playing music with. They play like a real music instrument and clarity of each sound detail will be more high quality, thereby, it makes you to create a high definition song. Garritan is said to be the leading producers of Computer Synthesizers.

You have to sing and the software won’t. The application will play music for your song. Whatever the tempo you sing, whether it is a rap song or melodious, Songsmith will choose a best music for your song. The music will be more accurate that it matches to your song more.

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