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How to change Windows 7 welcome / logon screen background

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Are you Bored With Windows default logon screen, I think yes, for thats why you reached here, Let we See how to change the Windows 7 Welcome Screen background using simple tweaking, But make sure you have to place your hands on Windows registry, So be careful ;), then let we move out of caution, Because we have out of this. then only we can tweak 🙂


Once again you see the same background which you have. 🙁  Dont worry, it should be changed within 5 min 🙂

Let we the Steps to change :

  • Open you Registry Editor, If you dont know to open, press Start and Search regedit, or hit Run and enter regedit,
  • After Opening Registry Editor, Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Now Right Click it and hit Findoption,
  • In Find Options, Enter OEMBackground and hit Find Next,
  • Your registry now shows your OEMBackgroundon it’s result,
  • Double click on OEMBackground and change its DWORD value from 0 to 1
  • After Changes, Press OK and Exit the Registry Editor,
  • Now open your Explorer and type this on your address bar %windir%system32oobe and press Enter.
  • Create a folder info , Now open the Folder info and create another folder named backgrounds, ( Note : All are case sensitive and it can spelled correctly, also the folder backgrounds should exist inside only infofolder )
  • Now Select your Favorite image, That image should be in .jpg format and below 245 kb in size, it is must,
  • Selected image should capable to stretch with the desktop, otherwise it not align properly ,
  • Paste the Image in backgrounds folder, rename the image to backgroundDefault.jpg,
  • that’s, Now just restart your PC and get a new logon screen on welcome screen 🙂 ,



I hope this may be helpful to tweak your system,

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Problem persists, Feel free and comment below, 🙂


, is a computer science graduate. He is interested in sharing the system tweaking ,Web-designing, SEO and tips to use your system fetching you utmost use. Happy tweaking! :D

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  1. reeha@inkjet

    Thanks for this easy tip. I changed my welcome Logo screen background.

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