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Alligations – Test your level 0

Alligations – Test your level

Here you have a set of questions in Alligations, these are purely alligations and mixtures, ratios proportions may overlap. All the best… 🙂 [hexam id=2 hexam]


TCS with its new portal – Campus Commune

Hi guys, today we will see the new portal for the students and the budding Engineers. Tata Consultancy Services, the mass recruiter of India has stepped into the new paradigm of Socializing with its...

Tweak the Tab Group Feature of Mozilla – The only browser with Tab group 0

Tweak the Tab Group Feature of Mozilla – The only browser with Tab group

Hello pals, today we go with a bit info about the tab groups feature in the Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has a great feature embedded in it, the tab groups. If you surf the internet...


Microprocessors & Microcontrollers – MPMC

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers is a fascinating subject, making a huge thing work in a small stuff. Here you go with a set of Microprocessor & Microcontroller jotes. Splitted into groups as mentioned above them....


Automata Languages & Computations – ALC

Automata Languages and Computations is a computer science core paper that revolves around compiler design and how computations are held in a system’s. It gives a complete theoretical picture of how a computer would...


Embedded Systems – (ES)

Embedded Systems jots for you. Here we go with a set of some notes that are essential for scoring in your tests. You have been delivered a categorized content so you can download anything...


Platform Technology – (PT)

Platform Technology Notes for you. Here you go with a set of Notes for platform technology. Here they are split up into different Units and if your need matches to that download it.  ...