Fixing Campus commune problem in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer – TCS login problem

Hello friends, these days we got mails from our visitors insisting that they have problem while they get into the site ““, the TCS Campus commune, so we have a clear explanation of why this happens and how to rectify this. We hope that most of the user’s use Mozilla, IE and Chrome so we have dealt with those browsers, remaining browsers if you are still popping out with some problems you can comment below.

Basically you may have a prompt that “There is a problem with the security certificate.”. This is the thing to know, usually browsers are familiar with the security certificates provided by Thwate, Verisign, Comodo Securtiy, Godaddy etc. These organization have a collaboration with the browser companies, making themselves recognized in these browsers, which means the data you send are encrypted over the network and these encryption by these companies are familiar or recognized by the browsers. The browser believes a set of companies as a trusted one and the security certificates that a site presents to the browser when the browser requests some data is presented by the site, so the browser compares it with the set it has, that is from the Thwate, Verisign etc. If that doesn’t make a match then it will alert a message that security is at risk. This is because the TCS company makes its own certificate with its own encryption algorithms, that is not recognized so it pops up with a message.

Rectifying it :

Rectifying the problem is rather a simple task.

For Internet Explorer Users :

  • In IE you need to click on continue with the site, which is not recommended. But going with that is quiet OK.

For Chrome Users :

  • In chrome you can see the message the site’s security certificate is not trusted with a red background, but here you will have a brief explanation, here click on proceed anyway button.
  • After getting the Campus commune, You have landed to a login page,
  • After login, You receive a dashboard before entering the campus commune, Later you hit Launch Campus Commune, nothing will happen in chrome, Because the Campus Commune will launch in a pop-up window only, here Chrome block that pop-up window,
  • now we have to enable the pop-up windows manually like give in image,


For Firefox users :

  • In firefox this problem is eliminated instead of popping up with this message every time you get into the site,
  • Firefox adapts a different mechanism as exceptional list for these sites.
  • Once you confirm a site to be exceptional for the security certificates,
  • then you will not be prompted with a warning message for that site next time,
  • since you have added the site to the exceptional list.
  • Besides Firefox is much more advantageous, you can know who are tracking you when you enter a site, Click here to know more about it!

Besides all the odds of Internet explorer has managed to come up with better features with IE 9, to know about those things click here!

Want to know How to score more points in TCS Campus Commune, have a look on it,

You can post your probs if they persist, hope this was useful.


TweakTag Team.

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19 Responses

  1. saurabh says:

    From last few days a message displaying “We are sorry but something went wrong”
    is preventing me from accessing my Campus Commune.
    Please help me out of this problem.

    • webmaster says:

      That must be the problem with the server. Or try it with different browsers, if that was with your browser you may get it done.

      • saurabh says:

        Thank you webmaster for you reply.I tried with mozilla and IE but its still popping up same message.Any suggestions?

        • Balaji says:

          Hello Saurbh,

          The problem “We are sorry but something went wrong” is happened due to server issue, TCS using ruby rails on server, It generate the error message like “We are sorry but something went wrong” when their server encountered a problem, so dont worry and make a mail to Campus Connect support , There is no problem on your ( client ) side,

  2. Priti says:

    I solved problem of pop up bt new problem is there..after clicking on launch campus commune it shows ur session has expired.. I cant see my profile to score points & to join communities..tell me solution please as soon as possible..

  3. akila says:

    am having latest version of google chrome… am not able to open tcs campuscommune,,,,

  4. Dnyaneshwar says:

    i can log in campus portal but problem occurs when i go for launching the campus commune.i m not able to see my profile and join the communities.Any solution?

  5. vishal says:

    Well, I didnt get these errors. But The Next Step Opens Fine However Campus tcs doesnt work. Kindly help

  6. DHEVASENA says:

    Sir.. i want to register my IT pin number in ,when iam giving my CT reference number and password… it shows invalid number… what can do to register my ITpin number

  7. Pushkar Salvi says:

    Every time i launch campus commune, it shows session expired and redirects me back to the login page. please help

  8. Sourabh says:

    I gave some wrong information during registration on campus commune. Can I delete my account and make a new one with correct information… please help..

  9. Aruljothi says:

    in a campus commune is logged how to open

  10. Rahul says:

    When I launch campus commune it shows error 403-forbidden. I am not able to access my profile. What should I do now?

  11. Manohar says:

    except campus commune, everything is opening in my system with in a fraction of seconds where as campus commune takes 15 mins. why it is taking this much amount of time?
    all my friends are getting in seconds. Can i rectify it??

    Please help me Webmaster

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