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All Blogger need more traffic for their blog, When the blog haves an rich content, They will really get an most traffic by search engines, Finally getting a visit by visitors to blog is not enough, Also drive them to page views, because your blog haves more rich content on more post’s, so visitors also see related post to your content,

Today let we see an nice tips to show Related post With Thumbnails,
Like this


Before related posts widget (few months ago)  page views were around 220-260 only per day. After installing Related posts widget there was a noticeable increase upto 450-500 page views per day and after installing Linkwithin last month (keeping Related posts widgets in its place) page views jumped to astonishing 1350-1500 per day – a clear 300 % increase in page views!!


1. Visit Linkwihtin
2. Fill the form asking for your email, blog’s URL, blogging platform, and number of posts you want the widget to show.
3. Click install and on the next page choose your blog’s platform. If you’re on blogger like me, then installation is extremely simple with one click blogger install button.
4. If you click Blogger’s “one click install button”, you’ll be redirected to your blogger’s account page, where you have to sign with to your blogger account. (Choose the blog in which you want to install, from the drop down menu if you have more than one blog)
5. Save the widget and it’s Done!!
No Sign up required, No customization needed, no need to worry about to place it below posts. It automatically places itself below each post. See below this post to see how it looks.

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