Awesome Christmas Easter Egg From Google For Holidays

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Everyone Started their Christmas gift celebration, Since Google also started their Christmas Special Eve on their search engines, An Awesome Easter egg from Google for Christmas, As you want to enjoy that presentation,


Steps to Get Snow appearance in Web-Brose

  •  Open the Google Page ,
  • Now type ‘let it snow‘ command on search bar and check out your Google page,
  • Now the snow begin falls on your search result screen,
  • If you leave it for some time means.. Ice will Frost your system monitor screen 🙁 , All have been designed inside a website page only So enjoy everything within a Google page….
  • Press Defrost button to Clear your Ice on the screen and make a visible browsing,
  • Enjoy the all new Eater egg from the Google,


If you have any tricks Related to Google Easter Eggs means, Comment below.. 😀



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  1. John

    You can also search for “Christmas” and you will get Christmas lights!

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