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How to block advertisement (ads) in all browser using kaspersky

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Hello friends, Now i going to show how to Block the advertisement totally from all website , Even our Tips Inside also runs advertisement for income as well as for server maintenance also, But sometimes the advertisement is more irritating while we make a browsing, sometime it leads to unsafe place in Internet,

Websites is also a kinda business, Every website mostly uses advertisement to make money, if they using Google ads means, it’s usual and and not irritates the browsing, because Google allows only three advertisement for a page, In another case, Some of them going to another advertisement publisher, they not keeping any rules for them, their only aim is earning money so huge number of ads block is been allowed for them, here the original problem arises, lot of advertisement makes more problem to visitors while browsing , some times porn ads will make guilty feels on browsing, so let we see a solution,

Many Advertisement blockers have been available for blocking advertisement, but they are not common, it available especially for separate browsers, and it is not so much effective,

we already discussed about this chrome plugin : Most Useful Add Ons For Google Chrome Browser,

Now we discuss how to make Kaspersky to block advertisement from online,

Note ( it does not work in Kaspersky anti-virus)

  • Open your Kaspersky Internet security / Kapersky Pure -> Settings,
  • Select Anti-Banner From Protection Center tab,
  • Check Enable Anti-Banner and hit Apply and OK,
  • You can add or remove URL for exclude, Because Kaspersky uses their own rules for Filtering the Advertisement,


Kaspersky is really a simple and most effective tool for wonderful advertisement less browsing, i too enjoy with this product, If you facing any problem, please comment below, 😀


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