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Nowadays mobile is heartbeat to everyone, sometimes these heartbeat irritates us for some unknown people. All receive unknown numbers on our mobile daily. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to trace mobile number and its location.there are many ways and websites out on web which provide service to trace mobile number in India. Now we see some of most useful websites and softwares used to trace mobile number. let see with softwares and websites which are useful to trace mobile number in also provided link for software download.

How to Trace Mobile number and location in India:

There is a list for useful sites & softwares to trace mobile number in India.

1. Wiki page:
Wiki contains mobile numbering system which contains a list of phone numbers and their network operators with locations. Thus, only first 4 digits of target phone number can be useful to trace mobile number in India using this mobile numbering system.
Check out Wiki page here.

2. Internet4Mobile:
If you want an automated system to trace mobile number, use this service provided by Internet4Mobile. There are many similar services available on web, but I recommend this one as it provides you following information about Mobile number:

– State
– City (only provided by this service).
– Operator
– Locate mobile number on Google Maps.

Trace mobile number using Internet4Mobile here.

3. Mobile Tracking Software:
Well, if you want to trace a mobile number in India directly from your cell phone, you can use Mobile phone application – Mobile Number Locator. This application allows you to find mobile number location right from your cellphone.

Download Mobile Number Locator to trace mobile number in India.

4. Other Useful Websites:
Some of the useful websites to trace mobile number in India:



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