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Make pranks on your friends Computer

Hello Friends, Are you bored on working anything serious stuff on your friends computer ?, Leave it and its the time to play with your friends, Just make prank by doing simple tricks with...

Alligations – Test your level 0

Alligations – Test your level

Here you have a set of questions in Alligations, these are purely alligations and mixtures, ratios proportions may overlap. All the best… 🙂 [hexam id=2 hexam]


TCS Code Vita Practice questions

Hi techies, I know you people most excited to work in code vita, but probably all participants have the doubt how the code vita is? how the question is.? and how TCS evaluate the programs? and...


How to score points in TCS Campus Commune

Hello tweaktaggers, as you all know that India’s leading IT company, Tata Consultancy Services has launched its portal for the students and budding engineers to socialize themselves with the organization. It was launched with...